I.C.Adventure is an old-skool text adventure game written in C++, where you play as a not-so-bright tough guy, attempting to unravel the mysteries of the old Whittaker's mansion, which you believe holds the last hope for humanities survival.  You need to act quick, though!  You only have a few hours before sun down...


This was the project I undertook for our first assignment as a student at the AIE.  Even though it is very simple, I put a lot of work into both the engine, and the game.  The story in particular I regard quiet fondly, as it was a remake, and planned conclusion to It's first iteration, which was made several years earlier as my first C++ project.  Unfortunately, the game was never quite completed, with all but 3 of the planned rooms, as well as the end-game boss battle remaining incomplete.

The assessment criteria was do develop a string library in C++, and then crate a text-based game that utilizes this library.  Being no stranger to C++, I quickly powered through the library portion of the assignment, so that I could work on the game.  I did end up getting a little carried away with the engine, however, ending up with a product that was completely data-driven, complete with hooks to tie into driving events, etc.




Linux (Coming soon)


source is available on bitbucket.  Even though I don't expect to pick this project up again, I would not mind seeing it go further.  Get in contact with me if you are interested in taking control of the project!