Nether Bees

Nether bees is a single player top-down RTS where you control a swarm of cave-dwelling bees.  Spawn bees from your hives, and use them build new hives as you navigate your way around a sub-terrain maze, in an effort to wipe out the enemy (A.I. controlled) bee colony!

Nether bees was the result of our 3rd assignment in our first year.  The criteria was to build a game that demonstrated Steering behaviors, and A* path finding, both of which we were to implement ourselves in c++.

I used the opportunity to become familiar with a few new libraries: Box2d for physics, and SFML for Graphics. 

The level layout is procedurally generated starting with a maze which is generated from a depth-first search algorithm, using a random search direction.  The maze then has several randomly selected wall segments removed, in order to create a less linear level.

The enemy A.I. was developed under heavy time constraints, and so it is not particularly smart, but it fulfills the base requirement I had of "If the player does absolutely nothing, the AI should win".  In fact, if the level is generated in favor of the A.I., it can prove quite challenging to new players.