The Beard's Story

Life as a beard is not easy.  Despite style, class, and utility, there are those who would shun, or even marginalise the bold statement that is facial hair.

Finally, I was pushed into the situation I couldn't fight against: Letting go of the beard to raise money for cancer research.  "-But wait!" I thought.  If there are so many people who do not appreciative fine facial follicles, surely there must be TWICE as many people who would be willing to help save an innocent beard from such a horrible fate, so I started the competing "Save the Beard!" initiative, also to raise money for cancer research!  It is now up to YOU to decide.  On November the 1st will I have to:


In case your undecided, here are some unbiased reasons to support each cause:

Save the beard:

  • Support Style
  • Support class
  • Save Innocent facial hair!
  • You mo you want to!

Shave the beard:

  • Your jealous because you don't have a beard.  ):-|

What the Money Goes Towards

All donations go directly to the Benny Wills brain tumour research program.

How to Donate

Look out for jars with these two fine faces on them:

Pro tip:  This  is the jar you want to put your money in.

Pro tip: This is the jar you want to put your money in.

Pro tip: Avoid this jar.

Pro tip: Avoid this jar.

You can donate at any of these fine establishments, as well as at your local Miranda-Kai Karate Dojo

Donating Online

If you would like to donate online,  please do so via the Benny Wills foundation's website (click here), then send me proof of purchase, and tell me which cause you would like the donation to go towards (even though we both know it will be the more noble save the beard cause).

Contact me

Feel free to contact me (Using this form) if you have any questions, or to provide proof of donation.

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